Coi de gat / naughty cat

Quan el teu cunyat et demana ajuda per fer una redacció en anglès de cent paraules en menys de deu minuts

It was 3 o’clock in the morning, the movie ended just an hour ago and I was starting to dream when I heard a very loud noise, as if a chair was falling.

My heart started beating fast. I listened carefully and I heard footsteps and a deep breath. Someone has got in the house through the kitchen window!

I closed the door of the bedroom and called the police, I was sure there was a thief in my house. In a low voice, I said what I have heard and gave them my address. They told me to keep quiet and they were coming.

The thief walked up to my room and pushed the door.

Suddenly, Ulysses, my cat, jumped on me. False alarm!!!

Cuidem-nos molt tots.

Deia Doris Lessing ” No importa quant cansada o malhumorada pugui estar. Un gat assegut a la porta pot entretenir-me la ment “

Benvinguts, passeu passeu, que de les lletres en farem caliu.

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